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 In our classes, the young Ninjas learn flexibility, obstacle maneuvers, and the discipline found in martial arts. Our standard 55 min long class is perfect for highly active boys and girls who are looking for a fun recreational activity where they can learn true ninja style movements and techniques, within the confines of a safe and controlled environment. 


All Ninja instructors are certified and trained via comprehensive training and practical application testing! 

Nina Kidz is a recreational program designed for children ages 6 to 12 years old. We will also offer Tiny Tot Ninja for ages 3-6! Classes are co-ed and divided by skill level. The program includes 4 different levels the ninja can process through. Those 4 events are practices of Form, Obstacle, Climb and Power. All four events are chosen to create a well rounded Ninja and to achieve safe exercise, learning and fun in every class! 

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