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gymnastics CLASSES 


At Pep & Pizzazz we offer gymnastics for all ages. Our gymnastics teaching philosophy is that students should work toward mastery of each skill through proper progression. We believe that neglecting these progressions by skipping over progressional skills or allowing students to move on to the next level of skills before mastery of previous level, sets students up for failure in the long-term. Our teaching method does take time. However, we believe that gymnastics is not a race and that there is much more value in taking the extra time to learn a skill correctly, than rushing through and developing bad habits that ultimately will result in holding back gymnastics progress, or even worse – unnecessary injury. We realize that it is important to remember that all athletes are different and will move through the skills and levels at their own pace – and that is OK! We encourage our students and their parents to adopt this mentality as well.

Our gymnastics classes at Pep & Pizzazz are leveled. These levels have been inspired by staff-training and materials produced by world re-known gymnastics coach, Coach Debbie Love. This system will help each student become more successful by having specific skill goals to learn before moving into the next level. This will also ensure that each class is working on the same skills providing more opportunities to work together to achieve their personal goals, as well as focus the instruction in a more detailed manner as to what that class needs. Defining the classes by levels will allow our teachers to be able to tailor the drills, and conditioning to their students needs, helping our athletes make progress while learning the skills the correct way. The drills will be very important to ensure our athletes have enough strength and body control to perform the skills safely. Our levels will follow the progressions with a natural break in between each skill set. To be successful in the following level an athlete must master at least 80% of their current level.

We believe working together as a team made up of our teachers, our students, and their parents, will allow our students to reach their greatest level of success. Through evaluations and monthly parent observation, we hope to keep our parents informed and working together to help their child reach their full gymnastics potential. Parents will be invited to come into class 10 minutes early during Shine week (the last week of each month) to observe their child’s progress and touch base with their teacher on things they can continue working on in class and at home.

Gym Levels

Our pre level 1 is a true beginner’s class. During this level the athlete will be introduced to new skills, while focusing on body mechanics and creating a solid foundation to expand on in the following levels. Some of the skills to be mastered; forward roll, cartwheel with straight legs, round off, back bend from standing position.

Level 1
Continuing from our pre-level 1, athletes will work on form and technique of all previously mastered skills. This class with focus on strengthening core skills, as well as introduce the athlete to new skills. Some of the skills to be mastered; hold a handstand (4 seconds), front limber, back walkover, front walkover.

Level 2
Athletes in level 2 will continue to practice the core skills required for all levels but will focus on new skills. Level 2 athletes will also work on overall strength and flexibility.
Some of the skills to be mastered; handstand forward roll, back handspring, front handspring, round off back handspring.

Level 3
Athletes in level 3 will perfect their standing back handspring form and master both standing and round off back handspring series. They will also leave this level with an understanding of the body mechanics of both a front and back tuck.
Some of the skills to be mastered; round off series back handspring, standing back handspring series, front handspring step out.

Level 4
Athletes in level 4 will master the ability to do front and back tucks in connection to another skill. They will also master landing a standing tuck from an elevated surface before moving on. Some of the skills to be mastered; round off back handspring tuck, punch front, power hurdle round off tuck.

Level 5
Athletes in level 5 will perfect their tuck in connection with other skills, master standing tucks as well as layouts.Some of the skills to be mastered; round off back handspring layout, standing two backhandsprings to a layout, standing tuck.

Level 6
Athletes in level 6 will perfect their layouts, continue to practice form from previous levels as well as master the full twisting layout. Level 6 athletes will also work on bounding skills, advance combination passes, as well as Arabians.

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