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Groovin' with Grownups


Our Tiny Movers class is designed for toddlers that have begun to walk, but aren’t quite ready for the more structured Groovin’ with Grownups class. Each week the class will focus on one or two skills (such as bend, kick, jump, tiptoe, etc.) while also providing movement opportunities and of course time for fun and games! This class utilizes lots of music, props, and games to get our little ones moving! All students should be accompanied by a grown-up for this class. (40 minutes, $40 per month)

Groovin' with Grownups
(Ages 2-3)

Share those special smiles and hugs in our class designed especially for the parent and toddler. This class includes songs and movements based on tap, ballet, gymnastics, and ninja fundamentals!  It incorporates skills as well as rhythm and creativity exercises. Groovin’ With Grown-ups is a great way to get your little one moving around and using their imagination. *All students should be accompanied by a grown-up for this class.  (55 minutes, $50 per month)

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